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Make your home smell like Williams-Sonoma

A few weeks ago {or maybe it was months ago…I’m behind on my blogging!} I shared a few tips on making your house your home. There was one tip I didn’t include because it is so great, it deserves its very own post. Do you ever walk by Williams-Sonoma at the mall and go in just because it smells so good?? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a recipe for that amazing smell?


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Make your house feel like home

We’ve been slowly adding some decorations to our new place to make it feel a little more homey. The amount of home updates we need {painting, new windows, new doors, new trim, tree removal, ant removal, squirrel removal, etc. etc.} can be overwhelming so it’s nice to take a little break to buy a few things to make it feel like we’re not living in a complete construction zone! So today I’m sharing a few of my inexpensive ways to make your house feel like home 🙂


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House Projects {Week 4 Update}

So in all honesty I have absolutely no idea what week we’re actually on right now. I just know I am waayyy behind. So this will most likely be my last “weekly” update and from here on out I’ll do updates based on projects.

In the 4th week we settled into our new place. We replaced the kitchen floors, replaced the soffit and light above the sink, finished up painting all the kitchen cabinets and unpacked {a little}, we’re still trying to figure out the best place for everything.

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