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Creating a Picture Wall with Free Printables

Ok, I’m letting you all in on a secret of how I fill my picture walls! The easiest and cheapest thing to do is search “free printables” along with whatever type of picture, room you are trying to decorate {bathroom, kitchen, etc.} or color you are looking for on Pinterest. Then print them off and frame them! I would suggest using cardstock to print on to get the best color and quality.  Obviously real art is always better, but when you’ve got limited funds and want to spruce up a wall this is the way to do it!

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House Updates {2 years}

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in our home over 2 years already. This year has been a busy one for us- can you say new baby?! So we haven’t put a lot of focus on our house projects, though we have completed a few noteable things!

Front Yard landscaping:

This has been Colin’s baby. He’s serious about his plants and landscaping…and he’s really good at it too! He designed this modern concrete walkway and I LOVE it! It’s fun to see an idea come to life!




We finally painted our kitchen cupboard doors, bought new hardware and installed them! Amazing what a little update like this can do. I didn’t mind having them open, it made things easy to find, but once we installed the doors it made the kitchen instantly feel cleaner.

img_5369 img_4245

We also got rid of the avocado sink and installed this shiney new sink/faucet!! Which I absolutely LOVE. Who knew doing dishes could be so fun. We were going to do a small update to the counter tops with some new laminate {the real stuff will come when we do the big remodel} and add a subway tile back splash but we haven’t completely committed to that yet.



Upstairs bathroom:

Ok, this was an experiment. We decided to paint our bathroom counter top with counter-top paint. First off, if you plan to try this do it when you are not going to be in the house for hours after (the fumes were so strong and gave us such bad headaches, I contemplated getting a hotel for the night!). I’m not really sure how I feel about the black, it’s a little dramatic for me, but it’s just a temporary update. It is also pretty obvious that the counter-top was paint, you can see the brush strokes and it started chipping, so not the most durable product and probably not something we would use again.


Light switches, outlets & Baseboard trim:

These are probably the smallest home updates known to man, but we replaced all of our outlets & switches and got in most of the baseboard trim. And you know what?! I feel like it made a big difference!! No more disgusting nicotine stained outlets. We have a lot of other little things we’ll start tackling- door knobs & hinges, new doors, etc.


Ok, this is the biggie! Which is why I think it deserves a post all on it’s own once it’s complete. We’ve finally started hanging drywall and hope to get this basement looking brand new in just a few short weeks!! I’ll share more details and photos once it’s finished!

Click the links below to see our house project progress! {I have to look at these constantly to remind myself that we really have made progress :)}

House Projects Week 1

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House Projects Week 4

1 Year House Update

1 Year House Update

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for, a happy & healthy family, more than enough food, a great job and a roof over our heads! Even though this house is definitely a never-ending project, I am truly thankful for it. I can’t believe we’ve owned this home for over a year already!! Time flies when you’re having fun… 😉

It has been a while since I’ve posted an update on our house projects…so this is long overdue! To be honest if you were to come over it may not look like we’ve done a whole lot {and I often feel this way}, so I gotta keep on pulling out the before pictures to remind myself how much we really have accomplished. Click here to see our progress posts! Continue reading

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