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Meal Prepping 101

Meal Prepping! One of my favorite topics lately. Prior to meal prepping the morning was always a scramble to get lunches together, breakfast was often skipped and buying something on the way to work was a pretty regular occurrence. Dinner was the same thing, we’d sometimes have an idea of what we wanted to have, but if things weren’t ready to go we were spending a couple hours in the evenings making it! It took up valuable time we could have been spending as a family; playing a game, reading books or doing a craft. And if we didn’t feel like spending time on dinner the drive thru was a very tempting and easy option. Which isn’t great on the wallet or the belt!!! Taking the time to do some planning and work just once a week has made the weekdays much less hectic, we’ve saved money (you know we are all about that), freed up the time we have together as a family to do more enjoyable activities and helped keep us stay on track with our clean eating plan!

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