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Claire Update {4 years}

My little Claire Bear is FOUR!! Claire is so fun and creative, she absolutely LOVES to draw, color, do craft projects, bake, etc. We have a lot of interests in common 🙂 I started an Instagram account for her so I could document all of her drawings {and so I wouldn’t feel so terrible for not saving every single one}. She is also very into princesses, dresses, crowns, headbands, and anything to do to with hair. Her latest obsession is watching hair braiding videos and making me try them on her. I’ve never been very good at braiding, but boy, am I going be an expert soon with all the practice I’m getting in!


I’m really looking forward to this year, I’ve heard 4 is much better than 3. The 3’s really were as bad as they say. HA. But now there are days I’m seeing glimpses of my sweet girl and I think, wow, 4 really is great and….. then there are days I wonder who has possessed her! Not sure that will ever end with this strong-willed, smart little child 🙂

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Life & Family Update

I can’t believe Audrey is over 8 months old!! She’s at such a fun age, she’s interactive, loves to talk and smile. One of her gifts is definitely bringing joy with her smiles. It’s amazing what a smile can do for your mood, she’s teaching me to do the same 🙂 She’s crawling everywhere and starting to pull herself up on the furniture.

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