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Claire Update {4 years}

My little Claire Bear is FOUR!! Claire is so fun and creative, she absolutely LOVES to draw, color, do craft projects, bake, etc. We have a lot of interests in common 🙂 I started an Instagram account for her so I could document all of her drawings {and so I wouldn’t feel so terrible for not saving every single one}. She is also very into princesses, dresses, crowns, headbands, and anything to do to with hair. Her latest obsession is watching hair braiding videos and making me try them on her. I’ve never been very good at braiding, but boy, am I going be an expert soon with all the practice I’m getting in!


I’m really looking forward to this year, I’ve heard 4 is much better than 3. The 3’s really were as bad as they say. HA. But now there are days I’m seeing glimpses of my sweet girl and I think, wow, 4 really is great and….. then there are days I wonder who has possessed her! Not sure that will ever end with this strong-willed, smart little child 🙂

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Life & Family Update

I can’t believe Audrey is over 8 months old!! She’s at such a fun age, she’s interactive, loves to talk and smile. One of her gifts is definitely bringing joy with her smiles. It’s amazing what a smile can do for your mood, she’s teaching me to do the same 🙂 She’s crawling everywhere and starting to pull herself up on the furniture.

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Mom & Baby 2 month Update

I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months already!! Audrey is such an easy going baby. She’s sleeping through the night and has been for weeks, which is amazing. I thought Claire was a good sleeper but looking back it did take a little more work to get her sleeping through the night, with Audrey I’ve just keep to our routine and we’re good. I’ve been using the Babywise method {as I did with Claire} and it’s working like a charm. I’m a schedule person, it’s just who I am. Without schedule and routine my life feels like chaos. She is a huge eater. At her 2 month appointment she weighed in at 13 lbs 5 oz and was 23.5 inches long! Anytime she’s not sleeping or eating, she’s smiling! She’s a very happy baby and started smiling pretty early at around 3 weeks. She’s also starting to talk a little more which is fun! Of course, she’s a baby, so she does cry and have her fussy moments. She especially hates getting her diaper changed and having clothes put on or taken off.


It’s fun to see the differences in personalities. Claire wasn’t a good eater {and still isn’t!}, she was more stubborn, it took her longer to start sleeping through the night and she was a lot more fussy going down, she didn’t like to be held much or be in a front pack carrier, she wanted to see what was going on and was perfectly content laying on her back on her activity mat to see all that was around her. She also was a lot louder, in probably everyway- her happy squeals, crying etc. She was also a happy baby and gave out plenty of smiles. Audrey is more of a cuddly baby, she likes to be held, and loves the front carriers. She likes to see what’s going also but while she’s in someone’s arms 🙂


Claire has been a great big sister, she loves baby Audrey. But she’s starting to get a little frustrated with the amount of help she’s allowed to do. Last night I asked Claire to hand me a diaper and she let out a huge sigh and said “when am I going to get to change a diaper?” hahah. It was pretty cute. She’s been going to school better these days {the first few weeks back it was a meltdown every day and she really didn’t want to go anywhere without the baby}, but besides school she still doesn’t want to go anywhere without Mom, Dad or baby. The last couple weeks she’s been acting out a bit more. The few weeks with Audrey we had several visitors and each one came with a gift for Claire…big sister life was great! Also, Dad was home, so she and him got to go on plenty of special outings. Now life is a little more boring and it’s been pretty tough.

"Look mom, we're playing" -Claire

“Look mom, we’re playing” -Claire

At my 6 week postpartum appointment I was cleared to start running. I’ve actually been really antsy to start running, but I’m still trying to figure out how to best fit it into the schedule. So far I’ve done two 3 milers on the treadmill. But I need to step it up because I signed up for a half marathon at the May…am I crazy?? It’s good motivation for me though, even if the race turns into a walk/run it will be good to get back at it!

Well that’s all the updates I’ve got for now. Hoping to work in more time for blog posts in my daily schedule, so stay tuned 🙂

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