Breaking the Pacifier Habit

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Claire has been seriously attached to her pacifier {or “paci” as she calls it}. I haven’t been particularly worried about it, but I was starting to notice that her front teeth seemed to be pushing out a bit. So I finally decided we should launch “operation break the pacifier habit.” This was probably most hard for me…I started to worry that Claire was going to throw a major tantrum and that we would have to endure a few sleepless nights. Ugh.


I did loads of research on the different ways to break the habit to make sure it went smoothly. It appeared we were already on the right track, Claire only used it for sleep times and she always left the paci in her crib. I decided to go the route of cutting it and hoping that she would decide it was broken and throw it away… that’s what this article said anyway…once they realize it was broken they’ll throw it away on their own. Sounded good to me.

So I did it. I mustered up enough courage to throw away every single pacifier in the house, except for one. I cut about half of the nipple part off of it and threw it in the crib to await bed time. I pictured a monstrous tantrum when we gave her the broken paci and it scared the heck out of me. I was so nervous when bedtime came around. And when I get nervous I start laughing… I couldn’t stop. I was trying not to laugh the entire way through the bedtime stories and then through brushing teeth.  Claire just looked at me with her wondering eyes {but really, I think she’s use to her crazy mama, so she didn’t seem too curious}. And then she asked for her paci in the cutest little voice. She snuggled into her blankie on Colin’s shoulder like normal, put the paci in her mouth and then shot her head up and took it out for examination. She gave it a good look around and then started laughing, stuck her finger in the half nipple and waved it in our faces to show it off, “look at my paci” she said a couple times in between giggles. At this point I was dying laughing. We were all laughing. I finally composed myself to get her in her crib and she was fine. Crisis averted!! She went to bed like normal…just with a broken pacifier in her mouth. I went in an hour later to see if the pacifier had fallen out and if she was sleeping without it, but she was laying flat on her back {she never sleeps on her back} so as not to lose the pacifier from her mouth.

And about a month later she was still sleeping with that broken paci, though she wasn’t trying near as hard to keep it in her mouth at night and I’m pretty sure it only stayed in until she actually fell asleep. I wasn’t worrying about it anymore. I was just waiting for the day she decided it was broken and would throw it away on her own. Then last weekend in the midst of all of our packing, we lost it. I searched everywhere and I could not find it. And so we were done, no more paci. I put her down for her nap without the pacifier and she fell asleep just fine. I was relieved. It happened so easily and naturally. I felt a little sad that this baby phase had come to an end. When she woke up from her nap and she called for me in her sweet little voice “Mommy, I want to hold you” {that’s how she says she wants me to hold her… cutest thing ever} I came in to get her and to my surprise she had a paci in her mouth, but not the same pacifier that I had cut and we had just lost, no, a FULLY INTACT PACIFIER!!!! What in the world??? Had she seriously been hiding this pacifier somewhere in her crib? I don’t even know how that was possible. She knew she just let out her secret, and she started laughing and showing it to me. My word. What a smart little one I have on my hands.


And so we start over.

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One thought on “Breaking the Pacifier Habit

  1. Aunt Rhonda

    Such a little goober!! She will give it up when she realizes that it’s not that big of a deal anymore (like the hiding, etc)…also with the move, you might want to have it around until she gets used to her room…..she won’t go to school with it…..haha


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