2nd Birthday Party Bash

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Today our housemate’s little boy, Winston, turned 2! We threw the party of the year for him yesterday. Seriously though, little kid birthdays are like a big deal these days. Now that Pinterest is around it’s an all out competition to have the best party around. We spent a good amount of time decorating, rearranging and cleaning to prepare for the 30+ guests! I think it was a success, lots of cake/sugary things were consumed, no injuries occurred and plenty of good conversations and laughs were had!


Those streamers took far too long to twist and tape up…therefore they will most likely be up for the next month.


Winston and Claire playing while they wait for the guests to arrive


The Birthday boy blowing out his candles


Claire went in search of any plates left lying around to get her hands on some more chocolate cake. She also thought it was her party… news flash little diva, the world does not revolve around you 🙂

This has me looking forward to Claire’s 2nd Birthday party… luckily these two are exactly 6 months apart which gives us mother’s the maximum amount of time to rest and plan between birthday bashes 🙂

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