Bathroom Organization {Organize It! #1}

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I’ve completed my first organization project for the year!


I thought for sure I would go tackle the jewelry ball from my first post, but I had a hard time finding inspiration or really anything that I liked that didn’t look tacky {who am I kidding though, what’s more tacky than a tangled up ball of jewelry??}. I decided to go a completely different route and organize an area that I didn’t even include in the original post {oh yes, I was holding out on you. I have even more spaces that need to be organized} and go for our bathroom shelves {these function as our “medicine cabinet”}. Thank you Martha, for the inspiration!

unorganized bathroom

What a cluttered mess, right?

I’ve decided to approach every organization project this year with 3 steps, sometimes it’s overwhelming to dive right in without having a good plan, so breaking it out into small steps can make it a little easier:

1) Declutter
2) Make the space functional
3) Make the space pretty

Declutter: Throw out anything you haven’t used in 2 years {in the bathroom I said 1 year}. Move anything you don’t use on a regular basis to a storage bin {stored somewhere accessible, but not visible, like in a cabinet}.


Functional: Take a look at the space and decide what gets used most and make those things most accessible. I put everyday items on the bottom shelf and regularly used items {but not everyday} on the top shelf. {I was honest with myself and put the dental floss on the top shelf….it should be moved to the bottom though so it is more accessible!}

Pretty: This is the fun part! I looked through Pinterest posts and Martha Stewart to find what I thought looked nice. At this point I did another de-cluttering, where I decided that some things we may use regularly, but don’t necessarily need to be on these shelves. I also sacrificed a little bit of functionality to make it look nicer.


yes, that is my DIY makeup remover that you spy

I think the key to making it look nice was to hide or move anything that had a distracting label.

What I did:

  • I transfered the lotion into a nice clean looking mason jar
  • I bought a small tin for $.99 from Ikea to store any products that didn’t look the best when they were just sitting on the shelf
  • I had some glass apothecary jars that I was using in Claire’s room  {glass in a 1 year old’s room…probably not the best idea} and moved them in here to store our Q-tips and cotton balls
  • I added a few small white towels {mainly for looks, but we use them too!}
  • Bought a candle from Ikea for color
  • Found this small white tray with containers from Ikea in the clearance section, using the little containers to hold bobby pins, hair ties and other odds & ends
  • Bought these hooks from Home Depot {these aren’t the nicest looking hooks, but they are easy to put on and remove from the wall. And they are cheap!}

I’m kind of impressed with my work on this project {Colin, thinks my design is in a need of a potted plant…he was a biology major after all}. I’m counting on the cleaning calendar and just the fact that I love how this looks, to motivate me to keep it clean and decluttered! Send me your organization projects, I would LOVE to see them!

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