At Home Pedicure {DIY}

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It’s Day 2 of Summer in March! Sandals are a summer essential and you just can’t wear them without polished toes, am I right? Salon pedicures aren’t in my budget though, so I pretty much always do my own {I know, boo hoo}. I was really surprised to hear from one of my friends the other day that she didn’t know how to do an at home pedicure, she gets one every 6 weeks {do people really do that??}…but she was realizing it might not be realistic to keep it in the budget. So, for all you people who need to give up your pedicure budget or for those who don’t ever get a pedicure but should, I give you my best at home pedicure {I’ll try to spare you too many pictures of my toes…I know how some of you feel about that}



Nail polish remover
Epsom salt
Tea Tree Oil or Listerine or any essential oil
Sugar Scrub {make your own from one of my DIY Recipes here or here}
Nail File, clippers, buffing tool, pumice stone etc.
Coconut Oil or Lotion
Nail polish, base coat and top coat


  • First remove any nail polish.


  • Then use a pumice stone or buffing tool to dry exfoliate your feet.
  • Next use a buffing tool on your toe nails, and go through each step as directed on the package {I used a cheap one from Target, pictured above, that had each side numbered so you know which order to use it.}
  • If needed, clip nails, and use the pointy digger to clean under nails, file to smooth them out and shape into a square edge.
  • Fill a small tub with warm water, add Epsom salt, essential oils {I used tea tree oil because that’s what I had}, or Listerine. Really use whatever you have on hand to create a relaxing foot soak.
  • Scrub feet with sugar scrub. Continue to soak feet for 15 minutes or so.  

IMG_2124 IMG_2125

  • Pat dry feet. Add a base coat of polish and let dry.
  • Add nail polish color {pick something bright and sunny!} and let dry. If needed, add another coat.
  • Finish off with a top coat.


  • If needed use a Q-Tip and nail polish remover to clean up polish around nail. 
  • If feet are really dry you can rub coconut oil or lotion onto feet, put socks on and go about doing something else for 15 minutes. Otherwise just finish up with some lotion. 

Someone needs a tan…

Ok sun, me and my toes are ready for you!

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