About me


I’m a wife to my hubby Colin.

A mom to two beautiful girls,  Claire and Audrey.

A follower of Christ. 

A native Portlandian.

A runner (ish).

A hobby crafter, decorator, baker, and pinner (and now blogger!)

I work full-time for Nike and I love it, but a small part of me believes I was born to make things. I wouldn’t call myself an artistic type, because a lot of times my creations don’t look the best. I would describe them as more functional…I can remember being 4 or 5 and really wanting an art easel. So I decided to make one, out of cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls, it stood up and held a single piece of construction paper to draw or paint, but it was a cardboard box and toilet paper rolls. My favorite book growing up was a craft book (I cannot remember the name of it, but it had a green cover), I was always making things, baking things, inventing things. This part of me has been lost recently. I haven’t taken the time to do the crafts or try the new recipe of baked deliciousness. With Pinterest and a wave of homemaker blogs I’ve had a craving to make it happen and blog about it. Sometimes I feel inadequate though. Will you just take a look at the homes on Pinterest?? The beautiful baskets that house their toilet paper?? The gorgeous jars that hold their laundry soap?? Oh my! I want I want, I need I need! Not to mention the perfectly crafted outfits, the glamorous “messy” bun that holds the perfectly highlighted hair atop their heads…stop it. On this blog I will make attempts, they may not be pretty, but I need to have a place to share. Hopefully this will be what you need too. So I give you Swimming Sideways – an honest account of real life, crafting, baking, decorating and mom-ing (blog name is on loan from my mother).

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