5 Easy Money Saving Tips

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I’m not quite sure how to follow my debt free post from Friday, it’s going to be a hard one to top. The response I got to the post was so amazing and way more positive than I expected. My hope in writing it was just to be real with you all and hopefully inspire a few of you through it! I think I accomplished that 🙂

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite ways to save money. The hardest part during our journey to becoming debt free, was feeling like we couldn’t have a life. We had to get pretty creative in coming up with things to do that didn’t cost much. So here’s a list of my favorite ways to save money on entertainment in no particular order.


My 5 Easy Money Saving Tips

Split a meal when eating out. Restaurant portions are more than enough for two people. Colin and I like going to split a burger at Red Robin. We usually don’t even order anything to drink, we just get the burger and water, oh and bottomless fries. If you don’t have a significant other to split meals with, find a friend who will split with you!
Check out movies at the library. I’m amazed how many people don’t utilize their library. It’s FREE, people! Our library has a really good selection of movies and TV series, you can even search online and put holds on the newer ones. Oh yeah, they also have these things called books! I love books, but I rarely have time to read them. Much cheaper than renting movies or buying a Netflix subscription.

Check out cultural passes at your local library. Another great thing that most libraries offer are free cultural passes that you can check out for a day. Our library has passes for multiple museums, gardens and historical sites. I would imagine most cities offer the same sort of passes.

Go to a local Farmer’s Market. This is obviously a seasonal activity, but when they open up for the season and the suns out I love taking a walk through a good farmer’s market. You don’t even have to spend any money to have a good time, a lot of them have live entertainment and free samples!

Host a potluck dinner and game night with friends. One of the hardest parts of being on a budget is saying “no” when friends invite you to go out to dinner or other activities. Suggest that your friends come over for a dinner and game night instead. Having it “potluck style” will save everyone money. Sometimes a night in can be more fun than going out anyway 😉

What are some of your favorite ways to save money and still have fun?

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3 thoughts on “5 Easy Money Saving Tips

  1. Lacy Schmidlkofer

    I like to find Redbox codes for free or almost free rentals! Also the library has a Best Seller cart with brand new movies and shows. I even found a series season I live before it was on tv thanks to it being british! 🙂


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