2015 Resolutions

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Now that we have knocked out a whole month of 2015 {and enjoyed some time in the sun 🙂 } I finally feel ready to list out a few of my goals for the New Year. Last year my main goal for the year was to organize my home, but we moved multiple times, it was hard to keep up so I pretty much just gave up.


This year I don’t have one main focus, I just have a bunch of little things. Here goes:

  1. Be intentional with my time – spend less time mindlessly surfing the internet/watching Netflix, etc. 
  2. Get Claire potty trained – I’m hoping this one will work itself out 🙂 Look for a guest blog post tomorrow from my mom on the topic!
  3. Make our house feel like home – get some pictures on the walls, find places for things, etc.
  4. Clean out/Unpack boxes – our spare bedroom is still full of unpacked boxes…
  5. House projects – we have a lengthy list we want to tackle…
  6. Run 3x week – Training for the Shamrock Half Marathon in March!
  7. Blog at least 3x per week – putting it out there…hold me to it!
  8. Try one new recipe per week – that should take care at least 1 of my blog posts for the week 🙂

The best for me to stay organized and achieve my goals is to keep a calendar! Click here to find some really cute free printable calendars 🙂

Still not too late to make your resolutions/goals! What are yours for the new year?

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