Make your house feel like home

We’ve been slowly adding some decorations to our new place to make it feel a little more homey. The amount of home updates we need {painting, new windows, new doors, new trim, tree removal, ant removal, squirrel removal, etc. etc.} can be overwhelming so it’s nice to take a little break to buy a few things to make it feel like we’re not living in a complete construction zone! So today I’m sharing a few of my inexpensive ways to make your house feel like home :)


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Potty Training 101 {Guest Post}

I’m excited to have my mom as a guest on the blog today! And she’s covering everyone’s favorite topic…Potty Training!

Hello, my name is Patty Hobizal, Claire is my granddaughter. I waited a long time for Claire. I remember when the desire to have a grandchild hit me. I was in church, sitting behind a grandma who was cuddling the most adorable baby, her grandchild. I was 50, Claire finally came along when I was 57. I didn’t push the issue with Emily and Colin, I didn’t have to Emily has sisters who wanted to be aunts. I waited patiently, glad that the desire to have another baby for myself had finally subsided. Emily has 5 brothers and sisters.

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